Alain Giger


invisible energies

All, everything and everyone is energy. Energy radiates from everything. All the time, everywhere. The energy can be modulated and transformed, creating all things and beings. For this transformation, we can use not only our radiating hands, but for example also other subtle energy centers located along our spineal colomn (chakras). Developped conscousness can access these centers, and much more. 


Everyone and everything vibrates. Different vibrations creates different bodies. Open your mind and your heart, focus on the subtle core vibrations to definitively transform your diseases and your life.  When you can do it for you, then you can start with other bodies'  vibration.


As you can see and hear many bodies and beings, a lot of other ones are invisible to your senses. As human kind created invisible radiovawes and wifi signals, other great celestial energies are present to support us in our daily activities.


You can see that you have different bodies (as physical, emotional, psychical, ...), and all are alive parts which can be accessed, supported and finally transformed. The physical body just shows the visible effects of invible causes and bodies. Access to the root, invisible, and the visible effets on the pysical body will be durably transformed. 


People simply lay down with their dresses on a massage table for their comfort. It is also possible to treat people in any other position that they desire (e.g. sitting on a sofa).
Remotely healing is also offered when there is no other possibility. There is no distance  limitation in Alain's treatment.

Alain connects step by step to the different energetic bodies of the person as to celestial energies. He act as a channel and as a healing accelerator. He send light to all the bodies to unlock, balance and repair them. This solve pain and deseases quickly. 
Energetic centers are hamonized but also cells and organs repair faster.  Celestial energies multiply and accelerate the efficiency and immediate well-being is multiplied.


Standard treatments takes about 30 minutes. Usually half of this time is needed for a baby or a  young child. For hard deseases better plan 1h per session.


Starts immediately. As you breath, and you integrate immediatelly invisible air, you integrate a lot of subtle energies as soon they arise. 

Depending of the disease, several rendez-vous may be needed over a few weeks or months. Althought Alain can not garantee the healing, generally the situation gets better immediately and get mostly solved within a few weeks or months only.